Dyson Parody had to fight hard to claim the Kronenbourg 1664 Ranking title!

Semi-Finalists (Sean Negrette, Jarvis Bautista, Jerome Chipol, Dyson Parody)

The first Senior Ranking of the 2017/18 GDA season was held on Friday 10th November, a day that some will remember forever as history was made on the night!

A total of 50 players came along to compete in the first ranking event of the season, all hoping for one thing, to become the Kronenbourg 1664 Ranking champion.

First Round – In the first round we saw several 3-0 victories for numerous players, as well as some close games. Some of the standout results included victories from  youngster Justin Hewitt defeating the number 5 seed Antony Lopez 3-2 in a great match, Dyson Parody defeating the x10 National Champion George Federico 3-0 and David Francis defeating last years Ranking One champion Dylan Duo 3-0.

Second Round – In the second round we saw comfortable 3-0 victories from Jarvis Bautista, Jerome Chipol, Justin Hewitt & Sean Negrette. Dayle Ramirez defeated  veteran Francis Taylor 3-1, Roy Asquez defeated Karl Sene by the same scoreline 3-1 and Darren Laker defeated youngster Ethan Smith 3-2 in what was a very tight game. The standout match of the second round was undoubtedly the Dyson Parody v David Francis match, heavy scoring from both players throughout the game but in the end it was the number one seed Dyson Parody who defeated the number two seed and x2 Ranking title winner David Francis 3-1.

Quarter-Finals – The first Quarter-Final game was contested between Jarvis Bautista and Darren Laker, both players had already come through some last leg deciders and this game looked like it was going to be a tight one too, however it was Jarvis who came out on top with a convincing 4-1 victory over Darran.

The second game was contested between youngster Jerome Chipol and Dayle Ramirez. Both players had already defeated some top players on the way to the Quarter-Final so this looked like it was going to be a close game and indeed it was, the game went to a last leg decider, both players had darts at double to win the game but in the end its was Jerome Chipol who managed to hold his nerve and win the game 4-3.

The third game was contested between youngster Sean Negrette and Roy Asquez. Sean came into the Quarter-Final having won both his previous games 3-0, one of his games included a victory over a top player and former ranking champion Justin Broton. Roy also came into this game having won his first two games convincingly, but it was Sean’s heavy scoring that proved to be the difference and come out on top with a 4-1 victory.

The final Quarter-Final game was contested between Dyson Parody and youngster Justin Hewitt. Dyson having knocked out George Federico and David Francis in the earlier rounds came into this game in great form. Justin who is the current Youth National Champion also recorded some great results in the earlier rounds so this game promised to be a great one. However, Dyson’s power scoring proved to be to much for Justin as he won the game in straight legs 4-0.

Semi-Finals – The first Semi-Final game was contested between Dyson Parody and Jarvis Bautista. Jarvis, who had just recently come back from playing at the Youth World Championships was in fine form throughout the night and he believed he had a good chance of winning this game and making it into his first ever senior Ranking final.  The game as expected was very tight, however the crucial moment of this game was when Jarvis missed a few darts at double to go 4-2 ahead and go within one leg of victory, however Dyson managed to level the game up at 3-3 and from this point on Dyson won the following two legs and won the game 5-3.

The second Semi-Final was contested between teammates Jerome Chipol and Sean Negrette, this meant that we would have a youth player guaranteed to play in the final, making history in the GDA. Both players started of the game with great scoring, but it was Sean who managed to keep his nerve and hit the crucial doubles and won the game 5-2.

The Final – Dyson Parody came into this final as the clear favourite due to his experience of playing in several finals in his darting career, but this final was not going to be easy for him. Regardless of the outcome of this match history was made as 15-year-old Sean Negrette became the youngest ever player to play in a Final of a Senior GDA Ranking event. The match started off with great rhythm and high scoring from both players, the first 4 legs all went with throw but it was Dyson who managed to hit the double first in the fifth leg and break the throw to take a 3-2 lead, he also won the next leg too extend his lead by two clear legs 4-2. Sean was quick to response and managed to win the next leg and get the game back to within one leg 4-3. however, from this point onwards Dyson managed to push up a gear and outscored Sean for the remainder of the game and won the next two legs with ease and won the game 6-3.

Once again youth domination was shown but in the end it was Dyson who once again showed his class to take the title!

High Finishes (+100)
Jarvis Bautista (106), Tony Dawkins (106), Sean Negrette (111) & Dayle Ramirez (128)

Dyson Parody x5, Roy Asquez x1

Preliminary Round Results
Eric Asquez 3-1 Des Cunningham
Jarvis Bautista 3-2 Carlos Muñoz
Steve March 3-2 Craig Galliano
Jayce Asquez 3-1 Isven Efigenio
Angel Debono 3-1 Chris Dalli
Tony Dawkins 3-1 William Pisani
Dayle Ramirez 3-2 Justin Ghio
Francis Taylor 3-2 Kaylan Franco
Jerome Chipol 3-1 Alan Kimberly
Jeremy Cruz 3-1 Johnny Remorino
Karl Sene 3-0 Darren Olivero
Nathan Old 3-0 Christian Tosso
Harry Parody 3-0 Joseph Ward
Justin Hewitt 3-0 Jadrian Pecino
Antony Lopez 3-1 Kevin O’Callaghan
Joseph Sanchez 3-1 Varain Israel
George Federico 3-0 Luie Gaivizo
David Francis 3-0 Adam Orfila

First Round Results
Jarvis Bautista 3-0 Eric Asquez
Steve March 3-0 Richard Lavagna
Darran Laker 3-2 Jayce Asquez
Ethan Smith 3-2 Angel Debono
Dayle Ramirez 3-2 Tony Dawkins
Francis Taylor 3-1 Keith Medhurst
Jerome Chipol 3-1 Kean Olivero
Shaine Israel 3-2 Jeremy Cruz
Karl Sene 3-2 Nathan Old
Roy Asquez 3-0 Julian Teuma
Sean Negrette 3-0 Michael Roca
Justin Broton 3-0 Harry Parody
Justin Hewitt 3-2 Antony Lopez
Jospeh Sanchez 3-0 Francis Remorino
Dyson Parody 3-0 George Federico
David Francis 3-0 Dylan Duo

Second Round Results
Jarvis Bautista 3-0 Steve March
Darran Laker 3-2 Ethan Smith
Dayle Ramirez 3-1 Francis Taylor
Jerome Chipol 3-0 Shaine Israel
Roy Asquez 3-1 Karl Sene
Sean Negrette 3-0 Justin Broton
Justin Hewitt 3-0 Joseph Sanchez
Dyson Parody 3-1 David Francis

Quarter-Final Results
Jarvis Bautista 4-1 Darran Laker
Jerome Chipol 4-3 Dayle Ramirez
Sean Negrette 4-1 Roy Asquez
Dyson Parody 4-0 Justin Hewitt

Semi-Final Results
Dyson Parody 5-3 Jarvis Bautista
Sean Negrette 5-2 Jerome Chipol

Dyson Parody 6-3 Sean Negrette

Congratulations to Dyson Parody & Commiserations to Sean Negrette!