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Ranking 1 – Kronenbourg 1664

“Dylan Duo wins GDA Sponsor’s event” A healthy 48 players took part in our recent main sponsor’s event, the “Kronenbourg 1664 Singles”. Dylan Duo claimed his first ranking title of the season. He managed to take out some top opposition in beating, Shane Israel, 10x National Champion George Federico, Tony Dawkins and current National Champion …

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Ranking 2 – GDA Masters

The GDA’s second Ranking Tournament of the season, the Masters Singles saw a record participation of 52 players. A high standard was seen throughout the night, with some very close matches. Of the four seeded players only the two finalists progressed beyond their respective boards. Seed Nº 3 George Federico fell at the first hurdle …

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Ranking 3 – Carmelo Ellul Singles

Friday 13th January 2017 saw 50 players turn out to participate in this season’s 3rd Ranking Tournament, named after the late Carmelo Ellul, the GDA’s first President in 1958. Once again it was evident that the standard of darts in Gibraltar is on the increase and that achieving the goal of a top 8 position will …

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Ranking 4 – Varyl Begg Masters

David Francis makes it back to back ranking title victories! The 4th ranking of the season yet again enjoyed a brilliant turnout with a total of 44 players taking part in the event. The night once again belonged to David Francis who made it back to back tournament wins with a brilliant display of form throughout …

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Ranking 5 – Dave Obee Singles

“Dyson Parody claims his 2nd Ranking win of the season” Last Friday saw the GDA’s 5th Ranking Tournament of the season, the Dave Obee Singles, with a great participation of 49 players. This seeded tournament is named after the Late Dave Obee who together with Carmelo Ellul founded the GDA back in 1958. The four …

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Ranking 6 – Joe Golden Singles

“Dyson Parody strikes again – 3rd Ranking win of the season” The GDA’s 6th Ranking Tournament of the season, the Joe Goldwin Singles, took place with 39 players registering. This is the last seeded ranking tournament this season, leaving just the non-seeded National Champion to be played. Seed No 2 Manuel Vilerio was the first …

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