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Ranking 2 – GDA Masters

Semi-Finalists (Craig Galliano, Jarvis Bautista, Tony Dawkins, Christian Tosso)

GDA Ranking Two!

Craig Galliano becomes the youngest ever senior ranking winner at 15 years of age.

The second GDA ranking of the season had a great turnout of 39 players in total.

The night was composed of several shocks such as Jarvis Bautista claiming a quarter final win over Gibraltar’s number one Dyson Parody with a 4-3 win. Jarvis was 0-3 down in this match and somehow he managed to cause a major upset by winning 4 consecutive legs in a row to claim his first ever win over the current National Champion.

Craig Galliano also kept up his winning form which won him the first two youth ranking titles. During the night he claimed wins over an experienced group of players to book his place in the final.

The final got off to a steady start by both players. Both Craig and Jarvis were fighting for the right to claim their first ranking title, in the end it was Craig who managed to keep his cool and take  the title with a 6-2 win over Jarvis Bautista.

Preliminary Round Results
Desmond Cunningham 3-1 Kearon De Los Santos
Chris Dalli 3-0 Francis Remorino
Dayle Ramirez 3-2 Ethan Smith
Justin Hewitt 3-0 Adam Orfila
Jayce Asquez 3-0 Isven Efigenio
Christian Tosso 3-0 Karl Sene
Eric Asquez 3-0 Darren Olivero

First Round Results
Dyson Parody 3-0 Keith Medhurst
Desmond Cunningham 3-2 Christian Dalli
Luie Gaivizo 3-1 Derek De Los Santos
Jarvis Bautista 3-0 Carlos Muñoz
David Francis 3-0 Roy Asquez
Dayle Ramirez 3-2 Justin Hewitt
Alan Kimberly 3-1 Joseph Sanchez
Craig Galliano 3-0 Shaine Israel
Dylan Duo 3-0 Johnny Remorino
Christian Tosso 3-0 Jayce Asquez
Harry Parody 3-2 Steve March
George Federico 3-0 Kean Olivero
Tony Dawkins 3-1 Darran Laker
Eric Asquez 3-1 Karl Mena
Sean Negrette 3-0 Dennis Barnes
Jerome Chipol 3-2 Justin Broton

Second Round Results
Dyson Parody 3-0 Desmond Cunningham
Jarvis Bautista 3-0 Luie Gaivizo
Dayle Ramirez 3-2 David Francis
Craig Galliano 3-2 Alan Kimberly
Chrsitian Tosso 3-2 Dylan Duo
George Federico 3-0 Harry Parody
Tony Dawkins 3-0 Eric Asquez
Sean Negrette 3-2 Jerome Chipol

Quarter-Final Results 
Jarvis Bautista 4-3 Dyson Parody
Craig Galliano 4-3 Dayle Ramirez
Christian Tosso 4-1 George Federico
Tony Dawkins 4-2 Sean Negrette

Semi-Final Results 
Jarvis Bautista 5-2 Tony Dawkins
Craig Galliano 5-1 Christian Tosso

Craig Galliano 6-2 Jarvis Bautista

Congratulations to Craig Galliano and commiserations to Jarvis Bautista!

Craig Galliano x1, Sean Negrette x1, Dyson Parody x1 & Jarvis Bautista x1.
High Finishes (+100)
Harry Parody 108, Alan Kimberly 110, Craig Galliano 111 & 138.