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Week 1 Results
Sean Negrette 2-0 Elton Victory
Justin Hewitt 2-0 Jayc Alecio
Keith Medhurst Jnr 0-2 Joseph Ward
Liam Santos 2-0 Joseph Borge
Craig Galliano 2-0 Andre Luque
Ethan Smith 0-2 Jerome Chipol
Dylan Duo Jnr 2-0 Liam Asquez
Dylan De Los Santos 0-2 Kaylan Franco
Jayc Alecio 0-2 Elton Victory
Justin Hewitt 2-0 Joseph Ward
Keith Medhurst Jnr 0-2 Joseph Borge
Liam Santos 2-0 Andre Luque
Craig Galliano 2-0 Jerome Chipol
Ethan Smith 2-0 Liam Asquez
Dylan Duo Jnr 0-2 Kaylan Franco
Dylan De Los Santos 2-0 Kyle Mor

Week 2 Results
Joseph Ward 2-0 Elton Victory
Jayc Alecio 0-2 Sean Negrette
Justin Hewitt 2-0 Joseph Borge
Keith Medhurst Jnr 2-0 Andre Luque
Liam Santos 0-2 Jerome Chipol
Craig Galliano 2-1 Liam Asquez
Ethan Smith 2-0 Kaylan Franco
Dylan Duo Jnr 2-1 Kyle Mor
Joseph Borge 2-0 Elton Victory
Joseph Ward 2-1 Sean Negrette
Justin Hewitt 2-0 Andre Luque
Keith Medhurst Jnr 0-2 Jerome Chipol
Liam Santos 2-1 Liam Asquez
Craig Galliano 2-0 Kaylan Franco
Ethan Smith 2-0 Kyle Mor
Dylan Duo Jnr 1-2 Dylan De Los Santos

Week 3 Results
Andre Luque 0-2 Elton Victory
Joseph Borge 0-2 Sean Negrette
Joseph Ward 2-1 Jayc Alecio
Justin Hewitt 2-1 Jerome Chipol
Keith Medhurst Jnr 2-0 Liam Asquez
Liam Santos 2-1 Kaylan Franco
Craig Galliano 2-0 Kyle Mor
Ethan Smith 2-0 Dylan De Los Santos
Jerome Chipol 2-0 Elton Victory
Andre Luque 0-2 Sean Negrette
Joseph Borge 2-1 Jayc Alecio
Justin Hewitt 2-0 Liam Asquez
Keith Medhurst Jnr 0-2 Kaylan Franco
Liam Santos 2-0 Kyle Mor
Craig Galliano 2-0 Dylan De Los Santos
Ethan Smith 2-0 Dylan Duo Jnr

Week 4 Results 
Liam Asquez 0-2 Elton Victory
Jerome Chipol 2-1 Sean Negrette
Andre Luque 0-2 Jayc Alecio
Joseph Borge 1-2 Joseph Ward
Justin Hewitt 2-1 Kaylan Franco
Keith Medhurst Jnr 1-2 Kyle Mor
Liam Santos 2-1 Dylan De Los Santos
Craig Galliano 2-0 Dylan Duo Jnr
Kaylan Franco 2-0 Elton Victory
Liam Asquez 0-2 Sean Negrette
Jerome Chipol 2-0 Jayc Alecio
Andre Luque 0-2 Joseph Ward
Justin Hewitt 2-0 Kyle Mor
Keith Medhurst Jnr 2-0 Dylan De Los Santos
Liam Santos 1-2 Dylan Duo Jnr
Craig Galliano 1-2 Ethan Smith

Week 5 Results
Kyle Mor 1-2 Elton Victory
Kaylan Franco 1-2 Sean Negrette
Liam Asquez 0-2 Jayc Alecio
Jerome Chipol 2-0 Joseph Ward
Andre Luque 0-2 Joseph Borge
Justin Hewitt 2-0 Dylan De Los Santos
Keith Medhurst Jnr 1-2 Dylan Duo Jnr
Liam Santos 0-2 Ethan Smith
Dylan De Los Santos 1-2 Elton Victory
Kyle Mor 0-2 Sean Negrette
Kaylan Franco 1-2 Jayc Alecio
Liam Asquez 0-2 Joseph Ward
Jerome Chipol 2-0 Joseph Borge
Justin Hewitt 2-0 Dylan Duo Jnr
Keith Medhurst Jnr 0-2 Ethan Smith
Liam Santos 0-2 Craig Galliano

Week 6 Fixtures
Dylan Duo Jnr 1-2 Elton Victory
Dylan De Los Santos 0-2 Sean Negrette
Kyle Mor 0-2 Jayc Alecio
Kaylan Franco 2-0 Joseph Ward
Liam Asquez 0-2 Joseph Borge
Jerome Chipol 2-0 Andre Luque
Justin Hewitt 0-2 Ethan Smith
Keith Medhurst Jnr 0-2 Craig Galliano
Ethan Smith 2-0 Elton Victory
Dylan Duo Jnr 0-2 Sean Negrette
Dylan De Los Santos 1-2 Jayc Alecio
Kyle Mor 0-2 Joseph Ward
Kaylan Franco 2-1 Joseph Borge
Liam Asquez 0-2 Andre Luque
Justin Hewitt 2-1 Craig Galliano
Keith Medhurst Jnr 1-2 Liam Santos

Week 7 Fixtures
Craig Galliano 2-0 Elton Victory
Ethan Smith 2-0 Sean Negrette
Dylan Duo Jnr 0-2 Jayc Alecio
Dylan De Los Santos 1-2 Joseph Ward
Kyle Mor 0-2 Joseph Borge
Kaylan Franco 2-0 Andre Luque
Liam Asquez 0-2 Jerome Chipol
Justin Hewitt 2-0 Liam Santos
Liam Santos 2-0 Elton Victory
Craig Galliano 0-2 Sean Negrette
Ethan Smith 2-0 Jayc Alecio
Dylan Duo Jnr 0-2 Joseph Ward
Dylan De Los Santos 0-2 Joseph Borge
Kyle Mor 2-0 Andre Luque
Kaylan Franco 0-2 Jerome Chipol
Justin Hewitt 2-0 Keith Medhurst Jnr

Week 8 Fixtures
Keith Medhurst Jnr 0-2 Elton Victory
Liam Santos 0-2 Sean Negrette
Craig Galliano 2-0 Jayc Alecio
Ethan Smith 1-2 Joseph Ward
Dylan Duo Jnr 2-0 Joseph Borge
Dylan De Los Santos 2-0 Andre Luque
Kyle Mor 0-2 Jerome Chipol
Kaylan Franco 2-0 Liam Asquez
Justin Hewitt 2-1 Elton Victory
Keith Medhurst Jnr 0-2 Sean Negrette
Liam Santos 2-1 Jayc Alecio
Craig Galliano 2-0 Joseph Ward
Ethan Smith 2-0 Joseph Borge
Dylan Duo Jnr 2-0 Andre Luque
Dylan De Los Santos 0-2 Jerome Chipol
Kyle Mor 2-0 Liam Asquez

Week 9 Fixtures
Justin Hewitt 0-2 Sean Negrette
Keith Medhurst Jnr 0-2 Jayc Alecio
Liam Santos 1-2 Joseph Ward
Craig Galliano 2-0 Joseph Borge
Ethan Smith 2-0 Andre Luque
Dylan Duo Jnr 1-2 Jerome Chipol
Dylan De Los Santos 2-0 Liam Asquez
Kyle Mor 0-2 Kaylan Franco

Second round fixtures will be posted soon…