Dyson Parody & Henry Zapata retain the doubles title!

Finalist’s (Henry, Justin, Sean & Dyson)

This year’s Doubles Event saw a healthy turn out of 44 players, which meant a total of 22 pairings took part in the competition.

We also witnessed a GDA record as Sean Negrette and Justin Hewitt at just 14 years of age become the youngest youth pairing in the GDA’S history to make the final doing so in remarkable fashion.


In the Quarter finals we saw some big names go head to head. The pairings of Dylan Duo and Antony Lopez took on the current champions Dyson Parody and Henry Zapata, it was Dyson and Henry who booked their place in the semi finals with a 3-1 win over Lopez and Duo.

Kevin O’Callaghan and Steve March managed to beat youngsters Kaylan Franco and Ethan Cleverly 3-1. The other games in this stage saw the eventual finalists Sean Negrette and Justin Hewitt take out Barry Mclaren and John Charles Segui 3-1. Whilst last year’s semi finalists Jerome Duarte and Craig Galliano crashed out against the last ranking event champion David Francis and x10 National Champion George Federico 3-1.


Justin Hewitt & Sean Negrette vs Steve March & Kevin O’Callaghan. This game saw the two youngsters get off to a firing start, they managed to hit a 16 dart leg in the first leg of the match. Kevin and Steve struggled to keep up with the youth pairing through out the game and it eventually led to the youth partnership of Justin and Sean winning 3-0 in quick time, and book their place in the final.

Dyson Parody & Henry Zapata vs George Federico & David Francis. This game saw both sides produce a brilliant display of scoring, with both sides hitting the big scores. But it was Dyson and Henry who managed to hit their doubles wrapping up the game 3-2.

The Final

Sean Negrette & Justin Hewitt vs Dyson Parody & Henry Zapata.

The final enjoyed a massive crowd staying behind to support the youth side in the final.

Sean and Justin managed to produce a solid first leg with both players scoring heavily. Sean Negrette managed to get the crowd going when he hit double 4 for the 1-0 lead, this got the crowd chanting Justin’s and Sean’s name throughout the final.

In the second leg the youth pairing missed 3 darts at double tops for a 2-0 lead but it was Dyson and Henry who managed to equalise the match 1-1.

From the 2nd leg onwards Dyson managed to produce a world class performance and his powerful scoring gave them a 2-1 lead in the final. Justin and Sean were quick to respond with Justin Hewitt hitting a crucial finish on double 6 in the next leg to take the game to a last leg decider.

The crowd were absolutely enjoying the moment chanting the youth sides names, Dyson was quick to silence the crowd starting off the leg with his 2nd 180. Henry also managed to hold his nerve in the final leg setting up Dyson on a 127 finish which he eventually took out on the bull which secured them the win and win back to back doubles title.

Straight after the match both Sean and Justin received a standing ovation from the crowed and their final opponents Dyson and Henry for their brave efforts during the event.

Prelim Round Results
Ethan Cleverly/Kaylan Franco 3-0 Joseph Sanchez/Karl Sene
Jerome Duarte/Craig Galliano 3-2 Alex Nunez/Ethan Smith
Johnny Remorino/Francis Remorino 3-0 Charles Borastero/Shaine Israel
Dyson Parody/Henry Zapata 3-0 Carlos Munoz/Nicky Cumbo
Sean Negrette/Justin Hewitt 3-2 Joseph Borge/Joe Ignacio
Isven Efigenio/Jayc Alecio 3-2 Joseph Chipol/Keith Murdhurst

Last 16 Results
Sean Negrette/Justin Hewitt 3-1 Isven Efigenio/Jayc Alecio
Barry McLaren/John-Charles Segui 3-2 Ronny Fawden/Julian Teuma
Dyson Parody/Henry Zapata 3-0 Justin Stagno/Angel Debono
Antony Lopez/Dylan Duo 3-1 Joseph Ward/Leslie Ward
Jerome Duarte/Craig Galliano 3-0 Johnny Remorino/ Francis Remorino
George Federico/David Francis 3-0 Francis Taylor/George Ramos
Ethan Cleverly/Kaylan Franco 3-0 Graydon Busto/Varian Israel
Steve March/Kevin O’Callaghan 3-2 Jeremy Cruz/Jarvis Bautista

Quarter-Final Results
Sean Negrette/Justin Hewitt 3-1 Barry McLaren/John-Charles Segui
Dyson Parody/Henry Zapata 3-1 Antony Lopez/Dylan Duo
Geroge Federico/David Francis 3-1 Jerome Duarte/Craig Galliano
Steve March/Kevin O’Callaghan 3-1 Ethan Cleverly/Kaylan Franco

Semi-Final Results
Dyson Parody/Henry Zapata 3-1 George Federico/David Francis
Sean Negrette/Justin Hewitt 3-0 Steve March/Kevin O’Callaghan

Dyson Parody/Henry Zapata 3-2 Sean Negrette/Justin Hewitt

Commiserations to Sean & Justin and Congratulation to Dyson & Henry!

George Federico x1
David Francis x1
Jerome Duarte x2
Dyson Parody x5

High Finishes
Dyson Parody 127
Craig Galliano 116