Mixed Doubles & Mixed Trebles 2017/18

Mixed Doubles Finalists!

The GDA once again wishes to thank each participant especially the ladies who turned up for this year’s edition of the Mixed Pairs & Trebles event. It’s the support of these individuals which is ensuring that the event is not lost forever, as the GDA continues its commitment to encourage ladies to take part.

A excellent turnout of 12 pairs and 7 trebles turned up for this friendly night of darts.

The night started off with the pairs event, in the first round we saw comfortable 2-0 victories for Jarvis & Jackie Bautista, Dylan & Kayra Duo and for Sean & Karen Negrette. Justin & Tamara Hewitt also managed to win their first round game in a much tighter affair 2-1.

In the Quarter-Finals all the four pairs who won their tie managed to do so by the same scoreline 2-0. Roy Asquez & Macu Andrades, Justin & Tamara Hewitt, Jerome & Kelly Chipol and Dylan & Kayra Duo all progressed through to the Semi-Finals with ease.

In the first Semi-Final game Justin & Tamara Hewitt got the better of Roy Asquez & Macu Andrades in straight legs 2-0. In the second Semi-Final game Dylan & Kayra Duo defeated last years champions Jerome & Kelly Chipol by the same score 2-0.

The final promised to be a great one as both pairs had been throwing some great darts all night and indeed it was a great final. The game went to a last leg decider and both pairs had the chance to win the game but in the end it was Justin who managed to hit the winning double and take the Mixed Pairs title together with his sister Tamara in their first ever appearance!

Congratulations to Justin & Tamara Hewitt, commiserations to Dylan & Kayra Duo.

Mixed Trebles Finalists!

The night finished of with the trebles event and in the Quarter-Final stages we saw comfortable 2-0 victories for (Roy, Jayc & Irene), (Dylan, Jerome & Kayra) and (Lesley, Joseph & Erica).

In the first Semi-Final game Roy, Jayce & Irene got the better of Joseph, Francis & Leanne and won the game 2-0 and in the second Semi-Final game Dylan, Jerome & Kayla defeated Lesley, Joseph & Erica by the same scoreline 2-0.

The final went to a last leg decider in what was a very close affair but in the end it was Jerome who hit the winning double to secure the victory for his trio!

Congratulations to Dylan, Jerome & Kayra, commiserations to Roy, Jayce & Irene

Dylan Duo x2

Mixed Pairs Entries
1. Lesley Ward & Joy Ward
2. Roy Asquez & Macu Andrades
3. Joseph Ward & Erica Ward
4. Jarvis Bautista & Jackie Bautista
5. Jayce Asquez & Irene Granados
6. Justin Hewitt & Tamara Hewitt
7. Jerome Chipol & Kelly Chipol
8. Harry Parody & Noemi Reyes
9. Joseph Sanchez & Leanne Gracia
10. Dylan Duo & Kayra Duo
11. Keith Medhurst & Kyra Barea
12. Sean Negrette & Karen Negrette

Mixed Trebles Entries
1. Joseph Sanchez, Francis Remorino & Leanne Gracia
2. Harry Parody, Isven Efigenio & Noemi Reyes
3. Roy Asquez, Jayce Asquez & Irene Granados
4. Dylan Duo, Jerome Chipol & Kayra Duo
5. Sean Negrette, Justin Hewitt & Tamara Hewitt
6. Keith Medhurst Snr, Keith Medhurst Jnr & Kyra Barea
7. Lesley Ward, Joseph Ward & Erica Ward