Confident Dylan Duo takes first Darts Trophy of the Season!

Despite the heat at the Varyl Begg Club, 27 enthusiastic darts players competed for the title of National Day Champion last Wednesday (6th September). The evening was memorable, not only for Dylan’s consistently strong performance, but also for the continued improvement and excellent play of the youth.

Dylan had, by far, the hardest draw of the night, defeating Antony Lopez 3-2, Francis Taylor 3-0, David Francis 3-2, and then Justin Hewitt 3-1 to reach the final. He was then up against youngster Craig Galliano who had already beaten Adam Orfila 3-0, Nicholas Gil 3-1, Ethan Smith and Jerome Chipol 3-1.

The final surprised many, because, despite playing very well, Dylan was actually outplayed by Craig, who narrowly missed several doubles, including a 158 finish that was millimetres away from the double. Dylan, though, remained composed throughout, and eventually won 3-1. It was a victory through a confidence that comes with age and experience, something that Craig and the other youth players are developing rapidly.

Nine 180’s were hit on the night: 2 each by Dylan Duo, Craig Galliano & Jarvis Bautista, and 1 each by Jerome Chipol, Tony Dawkins & Justin Hewitt. Francis Taylor also hit a very nice 124 checkout to show that some of us oldsters can still do it.