Craig Galliano wins the 2018 National Day Darts Trophy!

George Federico presenting the Winners Trophy to Craig Galliano

The new darts season began where the last one left off, with rising star, Craig Galliano winning in style. Despite having a difficult draw, Craig fought hard throughout the tournament, beating Tony Dawkins , Roy Asquez, Dylan Duo, and finally Antony Lopez to take the title.

The turnout was a little disappointing, with only 21 players attending the College Cosmos for the traditional first tournament of the darts season, but there was certainly no shortage of skill, with Antony Lopez particularly playing well in the early rounds. Despite the short format of this competition, there were nine 180’s and two ton plus finishes, with a number of games finished with 15 or less darts.

The final itself, between Craig and Antony was exciting to watch, with both players trading high scores, but it was to be Craig’s consistency that won the day, defeating Antony 3-1.

180’s were hit by Antony Lopez (3), Craig Galliano (2), Christian Tosso, Justin Stagno, Roy Asquez and Jarvis Bautista. High finishes Antony Lopez (118) and Jarvis Bautista (112).