Justin Broton & Manolo Vilerio claim the 2018 Pairs Title!

Semi-Finalists (Dylan Duo & Antony Lopez, Manolo Vilerio & Justin Broton)

GDA League Pairs 2017/18

“Justin Broton & Manolo Vilerio on fine form!”

The GDA recently held its popular League Pairs event which saw a good turnout of 34 players, making 17 pairs. The format of the competition is “best of 5 legs, 501” throughout.

Board 1: Antony Lopez & Dylan Duo progressed to the semi-final only dropping 1 leg to Steve March & Tony Dawkins having beaten Youth pair Sean Negrette & Justin Hewitt, and then Isven Efigenio & Keith Medhurst 3-0

Board 2: Justin Broton & Manolo Vilerio secured their place in the final with a 3-1 victory over Shaine Israel & Alex Nuñez followed by a comfortable 3-0 win over Clayton Otton & Ethan Smith

Board 3: Jarvis Bautista & Jeremy Cruz cruised through taking 3-0 wins over Luie Gaivizo & Christian Dalli and Carlos Muñoz & Nick Gill

Board 4: David Francis & Dyson Parody also made the semi-finals without much difficulty beating Alan Kimberley & Christian Tosso 3-0 followed by Roy & Jayce Asquez 3-1

Semi Finals;

Dylan Duo & Antony Lopez Vs David Francis & Dyson Parody

A close match that saw Antony & Dylan emerging victorious with a 3-1 score

Justin Broton & Manolo Vilerio Vs Jarvis Bautista & Jeremy Cruz

This match was an even closer contest than the other semi with Justin & Manolo securing the win 3-2


Antony Lopez & Dylan Duo Vs Justin Broton & Manuel Vilerio

Antony & Dylan win the Bull throw and start the match

1st Leg- was claimed by Antony & Dylan after Dylan hit the Double 10 leaving his opponents not far behind needing 44

2nd Leg – Antony starts well with a Maximum 180 but this was followed by doubles misses from Antony, Dylan & Justin before Manolo was able to checkout on Double 4 to level the match.

3rd Leg – Both teams scored well, keeping up with each other. This time Justin hit the Double 10 with his 2nd dart with his opponents trailing on 60.

4th Leg – Dylan showed his determination early on with a Maximum 180 and both pairs scored well. Manolo missed a Double 20 for the win which allowed Antony an opportunity to level the match which he was unable to do, also missing Double 20. Justin did not miss however and with the Double 20 checkout secured the win.

Justin Broton & Manolo Vilerio 3 – 1 Antony Lopez & Dylan Duo

Commiserations to Antony Lopez & Dylan Duo, Congratulations to Justin Broton & Manolo Vilerio!

Antony Lopez x 2, Joseph Ward, David Francis, Manolo Vilerio, Dylan Duo x 1

High Checkouts 100+
Jarvis Bautista 156, David Francis 121.