Mons Calpe Youngsters make history with Friendship Cup glory!

Mons Calpe Youngsters Champions! (From L to R – Jerome Chipol, Justin Hewitt, Sean Negrette, Ethan Smith, Craig Galliano)

Friday 27th October saw the ever popular GDA Friendship Cup which dates back to 1979. The trophy was donated by Mr. Bill Gibson, the Leicestershire (UK) secretary & brought to Gibraltar by Mr Dicky McCarthy (then GDA secretary) & Mr. John Trinidad. A five-man team from St. Theresa’s Social Club were the first ever winners.

This year’s tournament saw a great turnout of 50 players, forming 10 teams of 5. The event is played as 5 singles matches (best of 3). It proved to be a fun night played in a great atmosphere.

In the preliminary round Mons Calpe ‘B’ beat BMW ‘B’ 4-1 and Visca Catalunya beat Varyl Begg 3-2.


The quarter final results were;

Man Utd 0 – 5 Charlie’s
Glacis Mix 1 – 4 College
Mons Calpe ‘A’ 1 – 4 BMW ‘A’
Mons Calpe 5 – 0 Visca Catalunya

The Semi-finals saw College beat Charlie’s 3-1 and Mons Calpe beat BMW ‘A’ 3-0, setting up an exciting final as all players in those teams had been playing well all evening.

FINAL: College Vs Mons Calpe

Match 1 – Dylan Duo beat Sean Negrette 2-0
Match 2 – Craig Galliano levelled the match beating Christian Tosso 2-0
Match 3 – Justin Hewitt put Mons Calpe ahead beating George Federico 2-1 in a close match
Match 4 – Another close affair with Alan Kimberley forcing a decider by beating Ethan Smith 2-1 & levelling the match
Match 5 – This match proved closest of all with some great scoring but Jerome Chipol was able to get the better of Angel Debono and claim the win.

The winning team was comprised entirely of Youth players aged 14-16; this is the first time this event has been won by a Youth team. The future of darts in Gib will be an exciting one!

Finalists! (Mons Calpe Youngsters & College Cosmos)

The following players scored a 180; George Federico x 2, Christian Tosso, Angel Debono, Jerome Chipol x 1 – Justin Hewitt achieved checkouts of 114 & 110.