Dyson Parody claims the Kronenbourg 1664 Ranking 1 title!

Winner Dyson Parody & Albert Hewitt GDA Committee member

Dyson Parody wins the first ranking tournament of the season!

The new darts season took on a familiar theme with Dyson making it clear that he wasn’t prepared to give up his position as the top darts player in Gibraltar, despite the continual improvement of the younger players. Dyson threw darts of a consistently high standard, beating Luis Gaviso, Christian Tosso, Dylan Duo, Justin Broton and finally Sean King Negrette to take the title.

There was a good turnout, with the top 35 players attending the College Cosmos for the first ranking tournament of the darts season, and there was certainly no shortage of skill, with nineteen 180’s and three ton plus finishes, with a number of games finished with 15 or less darts.

Dyson didn’t have it all his own way, with close games in both the quarter and semi finals, winning both 5-3. The final itself, between Dyson and Sean though was a little one sided, with Dyson winning 6-1. Sean had been playing well up to that stage, beating Jerome Chipol, Justin Hewitt, Antony Lopez and Jarvis Bautista before facing Dyson, but couldn’t keep up with the pace of the master, and in the end had to settle for a well deserved 2nd place.

180’s were hit by Dyson Parody x4, Antony Lopez x4, Jarvis Bautista x3, David Francis x2, Justin Broton, Jeremy Cruz, Dylan Duo, George Federico, Craig Galliano, Justin Hewitt, Sean Negrette, Nathan Old & Clayton Otton x1

High finishes Sean Negrette (152) and Craig Galliano (109 & 135).

Last 32 Results 
Dyson Parody 4-0 Luie Gaivizo
Christian Tosso 4-0 Clayton Otton
Harry Parody 4-3 Ethan Smith
Dylan Duo 4-1 Tony Dawkins
Jarvis Bautista 4-0 Keith Medhurst
Jeremy Cruz 4-0 John Remorino
Jayce Asquez 4-0 Isven Efigenio
Craig Galliano 4-1 Carlos Munoz
Antony Lopez 4-0 Shaine Israel
George Federico 4-0 Ibon Pacheco
Justin Hewitt 4-0 Francis Remorino
Sean Negrette 4-1 Jerome Chipol
David Francis 4-2 Roy Asquez
Darran Laker 4-0 Steve March
Nathan Old 4-1 Adam Orfila
Justin Broton 4-0 Charlie Borastero

Last 16 Results
Dyson Parody 4-0 Christian Tosso
Dylan Duo 4-0 Harry Parody
Jarvis Bautista 4-3 Jeremy Cruz
Craig Galliano 4-0 Jayce Asquez
Antony Lopez 4-0 George Federico
Sean Negrette 4-3 Justin Hewitt
David Francis 4-3 Darran Laker
Justin Broton 4-1 Nathan Old

Quarter-Final Results 
Dyson Parody 5-3 Dylan Duo
Jarvis Bautista 5-2 Craig Galliano
Sean Negrette 5-4  Antony Lopez
Justin Broton 5-2 David Francis

Semi-Final Results
Dyson Parody 5-3 Justin Broton
Sean Negrette 5-3 Jarvis Bautista

Dyson Parody 6-1 Sean Negrette